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Covered Bridge in Euharlee

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Delve into captivating narratives, encounter an array of intriguing artifacts, and witness the rich evolution of our community. From triumphs to challenges, this museum doesn't shy away from showcasing the highs and…

Savoy Automobile Museum

Cruise into auto culture at Savoy Automobile Museum through ever-changing exhibits, educational programs, and immersive experiences. Nestled on 37 scenic acres near Cartersville, GA, between Chattanooga and Atlanta, this world-class museum boasts…

Booth Western Art Museum

Discover the heart of American art and history at the Booth Museum in Cartersville, GA! Immerse yourself in captivating exhibits featuring contemporary Western art, a Presidential Gallery, Civil War art, and an…

Tellus Science Museum

Experience the power of science at Tellus Museum! With 120,000 square feet of captivating exhibits, including an 80-foot Brontosaurus and a replica Wright flyer, plus a 120-seat digital planetarium with a cutting-edge…